Video: How a Nairobi pastor was using prostitutes to fake testimonies


A pastor has been accused by a prostitute of using her to fake testimonies in his church. The prostitute who says her name is Esther Mwende says she met Pastor Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries Embakasi who had approached her as a customer. The pastor munched on the forbidden fruit and then embarked on a mission to deceive his followers. See her story…

  • Mutongoria

    Kikuyus will do anything for mbeca. Shindwa hii watu wa tamaa kama fisi!

    • Jkbachia

      Please dont say all kikuyus love money, because this stereotyping, and offending to other honest kikuyu people.

      • Kathambirebbeca

        sure  kikuyus  oho my GOD  what is this now.pu!

      • eric

        loving money does not make s’one dishonest. iam very honest and i love money like hell

  • Faith

    eti Pastor alikuja kama customer,,, tukaenda shot,, sounds funny but a very big shame on the so called pastor ,, finally his followers have known the kind of servant he is,, aibu tele,,

  • waiyesh

    no wonder the world is a shit to live in now  . who can we trust now except the dead ?

  • Charitymaina25

    for sure this world is coming to an end. last days ,,,fake pastors. watch out.

  • Jeyp25

    This is way too much, there are ways of making money but how the hell do you approach a prostitute not only to help her repent but also unite with her to make money. To me the prostitute is way far much better than the pastor or what do you thing my pas?

  • baba1935

    piny okethore yawa

  • Vmadawo1

    This is unbelievable.truly unbelievable.

  • Why am i not surprised?

  • church, church, church now  showing on your screens “CHURCH BUSINESS” 

  • Dollyprestige


  • ninihii

    ‘tukaenda shoti moja’ seriously pastor? next week ako pekeyake church

  • Marksanare

    Action should be taken to these pastors they are seriously misleading people 

  • Snjoka83

     its the right time to know the true church.

  • 4Ever Catholic

    • waiyesh

      we in the same boat .catholic for life . pray ,worship,confeeeeeese 🙂 givewatever you hav then go about your business …..well till the next sunday that is he he

      • Imperial

         .. and hope your child is not sodomized by a priest, every denomination has its problems. Catholics as well!!

  • nhojy bichiga

    if it is not the end! fake pastor are here now, people mind rusting for money pushing them to use even the name of God to make money, people are looking for miracle not the word of God, this is the beginning more to come watch out. 

  • Max

    Kikuyu Republic…what a lovely world to live in…Shame on them….!

    • Sammbatia1

      that’s personal not a tribal issue. shame on u and think twice before u post nonsense

    • waiyesh

      shame on you whatever you are ……max ? think with your brain not your sunken skull .what does kikuyus hav to do with fake pastors.shindwe wewe !

  • End times…. You shall know them by their fruits…

  • Irubemwa

    Most of this pastors are atheists hiding in Christianity for material gain, down inside their heart they are governed by an idea that God does not exist and no life after death….shame on you this  pastor is not alone they are many out there and its upon you to distinguish them 

  • the light will so shine……..some things will come to the public eye. 

  • James

    Sorry for those who are surprised am not.

  • Vmetrine

    God’s prohets are countable this days.majority use his word to get rich from kenyans.
    Personally, i attended his preaching but realised his mission was to get cash,thats all.i dint feel the Holly spirit in it.

  • Did they stop to ponder that God could actually make that mouth twist forever!!! Luckily our God is a forgiving God. Shame on that pastor!

  • Evesoni

    y r we not suppriced God will purnish all of them

    • Prince Kamire

      Forever Catholic…forever Latter day saints… forever this forever that..This absurd incident do not justify Roman Catholicism to be right, for only the ignorant of what the Catholic church has done, can be in his/her right mind to hail that church! All these Protestantism sprang up because of the insensitivity and breach of God’s right direction by selling indulgences just like the current ‘false Apostles and the ilk’ sell brooms, table salt, handkerchiefs, olive oil,lessos, pieces of cursed jewellery among other things for miracles & forgiveness of sins.Thus before you celebrate the goodness/holiness of the Catholic church, kindly do a research on who created Islam & for what purpose,who is funding the church and from what source, who is behind the Illuminati, who the Jesuits are,who controls the Vatican Treasury and who is the Black papacy..Consult the Bible and don’t flow with the crowd for I bet you are a well read scholar for you to air your views via internet. Find out who the daughter of Mohammed was and whoever you call the virgin Mary is…any relations. Note that JESUS is the only way to God not HIS mother Mary who later gave birth to other Children hence calling her virgin Mary is not Truth in itself.
      Latter day saints….do you even know who created the LDC,how he lived and how he died? My advice to you fellow Christians is to delve deep into the Bible and stop behaving as if there is a different heaven for different denominations.Do you know that Smith was a masonic grand master and borrowed most of the doctrines in the book of Mormon from occultic platform. Talk of Moroni on the other hand and his sudden appearance to Smith to go and get “sacred” golden holy Tablets from under a heap of ruins somewhere in the mountains? The Way and The Truth is only JESUS CHRIST, any other in any name ,form, stature or otherwise is sinking sand. Pray for your souls for eternal bliss in the life after instead.

  • leaa

    That google trader advert aint cool.

  • Phelisters Ojiambo

    my people perish for  lack of knowlege. as long as you are ignorant in reading and meditating upon the word of God,you will fall victim of this false pastors.thats awake up call from God to christian,stop running for miracles,first you must be born again,when you receive christ into your life,you become whole,washed by his become a new creation.for the god of this world has blinded many(2nd corinthians 4:4)and that is satan.HELL IS REAL & HEAVEN IS REAL.the choice is yours

  • This is a disgrace…..Dnt people have the fear of God……he has put a curse upon his entire generation 

  • Faizokidd

    WHOA!the things pple do for money…he is soo guilty of prostitution, trying to black mail Mwende’ usirudi kuongea maneno ya pastor’ heheee.. nwei, i wont be suprised to see more n more pple flock into this church.’..wape macho eeh..wape macho waone..sawa sawa’..

  • Am surprised so many of us are surprised………. so did you expect those dramas were true?

  • Richard Muia

    Forever latter day saint, you will never here such kind of things

    • Richard Muia

      Forever latter day saint you will never hear such kind of things in the church of Jesus Christ.

  • precious

    What happened to The Fear of the Lord?????

  • Oumabarack

    mola  awaangalia kwa macho makali  kwanini fire ministry  like firing shots?

  • Oumabarack

    pastors instead of praying 4 them,u misuse them 2  steal 4rom the innocent pure kenyans.shame on the current church fratanity. truly truly,’wise people are poor people’s food’.if its true,then may the red bird strike you & your church.may the lord curse you upto your tenth generation.shame on your wife,family,papa & mama iwapo wako hai.may the filthy money you get 4rom the poor chock 2 your grave ushindwe maradufu.

  • Keith

    we are living in a perverse generation but not unless the righteous stand on the gap and pray for this nation no one will escape judgment, not even you who are raising fingers.

    I calling upon the Chosen generation to go on their knee and pray for redemption of our nations.

    May God Forgive us all

    one word for those who go to Michael s Church if there is a lay leader don’t close the church but you can ask God to give you another God fearing Servant, who will continue with the ministry as you tell the previous pastor to repent and come back to God failure to which God will not spare him

    Christians take heart there is still the remnant of God who are going to take this nation to the promised land.

    We rebuke the spirit of Alshabab we chase it out of this nation, all that is against this nation we
    we bring them to confusion,we declare that they are defeated in Jesus name.  no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.

    No one shall ever stand in the alter to lie with the word of God, such people we render them powerless in Jesus  name.

    Spirit of God take the preeminence and start to move in the heart of all kenyan

    God have mercy upon us.

    Forgive us Lord. 

  • surely mapastors wa dis generation wanalead maflocks wapi. only  wat i can whisper 2 dhem ni jus to understand these r the end tmes n if they don change then the world will change them.

  • bety

    can they talk wth their normal voices instead vof shouting