[VIDEO] Kenyan woman gets life changing face surgery for free at US hospital


A Kenyan woman whose face has been disfigured since she was 3 years old received a potentially life saving surgery at no charge in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Maureen Kimani, 20, who hails from Kandara in Muranga received burns on her face and arms when a stove light ignited a couch lighting up where she was sitting.

She says she doesn’t remember much about the incident as she was still very young.

She says her journey to America started by a random search on Facebook by her older sister.

This was after Maureen had undergone six surgeries and quickly running out of options.

That’s how they found Chapel Hill plastic surgeon, Dr. Charlie Finn and reached out to him.

However, it took over two years to get Maureen to the US dues various legal issues. She was able to raise money from her home village in Murang’a

Maureen and her mother are in North Carolina where she is recuperating after the surgery.

“I have been so blessed with being born in this country,” Dr. Finn told abc11. “The education I’ve received, building this practice for which I am very blessed to give back is fabulous for everyone.”

“God has opened a door and I know Dr. Finn is going to be great,” Maureen said.

After a week since the surgery, Dr. Finn says the surgery was a complete success.

Maureen for the first time since the accident is able to close her eyes.