[VIDEO] Nairobi police boss says video of police execution “acted”


Nairobi Police boss Japheth Koome has dismissed an online video showing plainclothes policemen executing two suspected gangsters in Eastleigh as “acted”and not genuine.

Mr Koome said that the video circulating was meant to discourage him form being tough on criminals.

“It is not true it was acted. It is not true, it did not happen. Imepigwa picha sehemu moja tu (It was only shot in one place). It is not true,” Koome said.

He reiterated that those people trying to discourage him from protecting the people of Nairobi will fail. He said he is more motivated and has no regret.

“I am ruthless. I do not talk much but I am ruthless … but one thing everybody needs to know is that I will deal with the criminals,” he said.

The shot clip which began circulating on Friday begins by showing one of the suspected gangsters lying dead on a street. A second one is seen pleading with a plainclothes policeman and there seems to be a tussle.

The cop continues to pull the suspect by the shirt as he shouts at him.

For a a few seconds, the camera pans away from the scene and shots can be heard as the person filming scampers.

The camera pans back again and the second man is shown lying down after apparently being shot.

A cop is seen standing over him pumping more bullets into him as he lay down.

A uniformed police could also be seen pushing on lookers back.


The plainclothes cop reloads his gun again and pumps more bullets into the suspects body.

The dead suspects are said to belong to the notorious Super Power Gang and were nabbed as they prepared to a robbery.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet  ordered a probe into the viral video which has been circulating online drawing mixed reactions from Kenyans.

Speaking on behalf of the IG, spokesperson Charles Owino also said the cops in the video must be probed for their actions.

He said that a probe will unearth whether the people seen executing the gangsters were cops or not.

You can watch the video here. {WARNING: THE VIDEO IS GRAPHIC]