We won’t bury non-believers in future, says Kitui clergyman


A clergyman on Saturday criticised people seeking services of church leaders during the funeral of persons who are non-Christians.

“They reject the way of God, but when one of their own dies, they look for pastors to preside over the burial. This is unacceptable and church leaders will in future turn down such requests,” Itivanzou New Apostolic Church pastor John Rong’o said.

He spoke during burial of Charles Mbuvi, 19, in Kyandani village, Kitui county, on Saturday.

Mbuvi, a boda boda operator, was crashed by a lorry on December 29.

“Let people repent and remain in salvation. That way, their relatives will not have any problem approaching pastors to preside over their burial once they die. Pastors find themselves in tricky situations, when they are called upon to bury non-believers,” Rong’o said.

Former Kyuso councillor Titus Kitheka said people have been using “powers of darkness to cause the deaths”. “It is time we said enough is enough. We must expose and shame and ostracise the wicked in our midst,” he said.

Kitheka said Mbuvi’s death was caused by an old man, who use remote “powers of darkness”. “This is the fourth successive death in this village. We know the old man is behind all this. We cannot take it anymore. I say enough is enough and I will personally expose him,” the former civic leader said.

Kitheka said the administration authorities in Kyuso has been breaking the law by inciting wananchi to invade land at Itivanzou, where a chief’s office was being built.

He said it is wrong to incite people and take land forcibly to construct an office.

Kitheka said a government officer should not incite people.

Joseph Mulonya, won the land case and construction of the office was stopped.

A pastor with Baptist Church Rev David Kiatu urged drivers to be cautious to minimise road accidents. “Driving at what I aptly refer to as family speed will effectively reduce chances of causing accidents,” he said.