OPED: Why Africa Cannot Embrace the Gay Agenda


By Joseph Karoki

Long before the white man set foot in Africa bringing with him Christianity, Africa was largely a religious continent and had been for a long time. Traditional religions, beliefs and Islam held long standing beliefs against homosexual behavior and lifestyle. Africans have always believed that marriage is between a Man and a Woman.

It is therefore no surprise that this amongst many other traditional beliefs and practices have been a bedrock of not only strong marriages but resilient family units that have largely extended to the globally admired sense of community in Africa. Africa has one of the lowest but rising rates of divorce in the world. Our children are raised to value education, financial freedom, entrepreneurship, culture and a sense of community.

So here is the question, why are we so quick to fold under the pressure of LGBT (lesbian, Gays, Bi sexual and Transgenders) rights organizations?

According to The New York Times on December 6th 2011, the Obama administration announced that the United States would use all the tools of American diplomacy, including the potent enticement of foreign aid, to promote gay rights around the world. This included $3 million program to finance gay-rights organizations many of which are working in Africa.

What was more disturbing was this quote by the Secretary of State Hillary at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, “the obstacles standing in the way of protecting the human rights” of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people “rest on deeply held personal, political, cultural and religious beliefs.”

Fellow Africans, while the Obama administration knows too well that many regions in the world traditionally oppose the homosexual lifestyle, they are willing to not only pump millions of dollars in LGBT organizations working in Africa but use aid to penalize countries that oppose homosexual lifestyle.

Not many in President Obama’s administration have towed the line when it comes to the promotion of homosexuality in Africa.  As a matter of fact it is widely believed that the American Ambassador to Kenya, Ret General Scott Gration resigned from his position, citing ‘differences with Washington’ over his ‘leadership style and certain priorities’. A rather interesting coincidence is that on the same week of his resignation, the American Embassy in Nairobi held a LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi sexual and Trans Genders) pride celebration party. It is said that the former Ambassador, a son of missionary parents, and who was known for his strong Christian values refused to attend the said event.

Many in Africa believe that Human rights and Gay rights are separate and distinct. Already the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHCR) is already promoting gay rights in Kenya. There is talk that many non-profit organizations in Africa cannot receive foreign aid unless they have a LGBT board member or employee.

They Gay and Lesbian movement and agenda is powerful and has already seen strides here in the United States for example many states now allow Gay and Lesbian families to marry and adopt children. As a member of the Armed Forces in the United States serving in the United States Marine Corps, the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell has affected unit cohesion and despite opposition from rank and file military leadership, Don’t ask Don’t Tell was repealed. Africa has the power to refuse a new colonial power and stick with long held traditional beliefs that have been a pillar to our communities. We can still protect gays and Lesbians from prosecution, discrimination in the workplace and ensure that their safety is not jeopardized because of the sexual orientation without selling our souls. Make no mistake about it legalizing gay marriage, gay adoption and promotion of gay pride will irreversibly affect African Society.

Joseph Karoki is a freelance Kenyan-American writer residing in Dallas, Texas and a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

The views in opinion pieces and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of Jambonewspot but rather those of the guest writer.

  • Dotti

    Why we are worried what other people do in their own bedrooms is way beyond me! While this writer says allowing gay people to do what straight people do will affect the african society, he FAILS to say what effects those will be.  And this coming from a black man who is in the United states army, who if this was 4 centuries ago, wouldn’t be in the US army.

    My opinion is please stop pushing and publishing homophobic/ hate speech articles in your magazine.  I understand its his opinion and maybe he should go push it at a KKK magazine.

    Africans are worried MOSTLY about corrupt leaders using up our money, jobs, starvation, aids, development ETC

    • Odunga

      Dottie, you sound very ignorant about the effects of spiritual effects of what we allow in our society. God calls homosexuality an abomination. If you go along that path and allow that to happen, the society falls under condemnation. There’s nothing hateful about the truth. Homosexuals are good people, it’s only what they practice that’s evil and that’s the corruption we wouldn’t want infiltrating our society and then we miss out on the blessings of God. Please take time and do your homework and you’ll understand why a lot of people oppose gay marriages and unions.

      • Dottie


        You are calling me ignorant, yet you fail to tell me what these spiritual effects that you speak of and how homosexuality has affected you or the african society. God also condemns murderers, thieves, liars, but apparently those are OK to you? yet those actually AFFECT our society and are rampant the our society. If God said homosexuality is wrong then let HIM be the judge of that not YOU, please carry your banner and condemn what actually affects our society and quit promoting hate speech. One being gay and marrying will NOT affect your life even God’s blessings will not be taken from you. The same bible you thump surely tells you not to judge!

  • Dotti just shut up please. Homosexuality should be opposed very strongly. The United States should not force African countries to accept what they consider morally wrong. Yes, we should not judge, but matters of morality should not be a part of state policy if the majority disagree with their execution.

    • Fidel Arthur

      Wesley, how exactly do the actions of two CONSENTING adults affect your life? The presence of a constitution and laws is to protect tyranny by the majority. Remember, blacks in the U.S. were a minority but it did not stop the civil rights movement. Kenya has a myriad of problems and this is what some folks choose to concentrate on? Think poverty, unemployment, crime, water and housing crisis just to name a few. I probably will never understand same sex attraction but I will be damned if that right is denied to my brothers and sisters.

    • “Dotti just shut up please” . . . . .. now THERE’s a cogent argument – spoken like a control freak man . . . . wow . . . .Sometimes I think that the backwards, third world life is EXACTLY what some of you deserve . . . . but thern I remember I met a lot of intelligent accepting individuals in Kenya – but just like in America – there will ALWAYS be ignorant haters around. Not sure if your excuse is a rough childhood or a small penis but you really don’t deserve the blessing of life if you are just going to waste it hating. 🙂

  • white troops got a little angry about integration as well – but if not for brave thoughtful people both inside and outside of the military blacks were eventually able to become Non-Commissioned Officers (such as yourself) as well as Generals (like Colin Powell). Religious and cultural conerns were used at that time, as well, to justify mindless bigotry. I hope that YOUR voice is equally reduced to the pile of the historically “hard to believe we were that ignorant” ideas and thought patterns. Just because you are accustomed to hating doesn’t make it right. In addition, if you feel so strongly, surely resigning in protest/NOT reinlisting would be a great start at truly standing up for your ideals – not JUST writing an OPED. An added bonus would be REMOVING one more antiquated mindset from a branch of our military.. America has started on a path of acceptance and understanding – we do NOT neeed to go backwards. I agree that aid should be tied to the respect of basic human rights. If someone’s sexual orientation does not match yours – than SO WHAT? Pedophile and heterosexual misbehavior far outweighs ANY problems assiociated with gay/lesbian community. Your efforts are misguided and ultimately match NO message of Love and Understanduing that is at the truest heart of MOST religions. But I do thank you for your service.

    • Dottie


  • DanToro

    One of the telling things about gays and their fans is their insensitivity and irrationality to opposing/dissenting views to gay-ism; they somehow go ballistic and tend to label those who oppose them as bigots, homophobes and haters. This just highlights the innate knowledge they have that gayism is indefensible. Trying to overcome a weak position by raising your voice is the oldest trick in the debating book. A study in the US showed that less than 2% of the population subscribe to gayism yet somehow they have managed to out-shout the correct voices because of political correctness. Just like the Nazi propaganda minister stated, a lie often repeated becomes truth and these gays and their fans are in that position. Dont be scared of these fags as its all bark! In Kenya and most of the African civilization we have more pressing needs than the sexual desires of a few perverts.

  • The day when I will open my bedroom window and see a Bull cow mounting another one, then this would be natural. Otherwise it remains un-natural, satanic and acquired culture/taste

  • mlinzi

    Asante ndugu Karoki.ushoga ni laana na ubeberu

  • ric.chaz

    It’s crazy how if you swamp the word LGBT with jewish the same thing was said 80 years ago. If you watch American movies, which are produced a lot by jewish people, yet you don’t mention jewish propaganda taking over Africa.

  • ric.chaz

    Why would the LGBT community want to infiltrate the worst place on earth. Were albinos are killed because of the Shamans, or how women constantly get raped and killed. Maybe you are being punished for being against the LGBT community. Think about it. Asia was colonized, and many countries are doing fine, South America has lots of great countries, but Africa is pretty much a hell hole that no one wants to go to.