I will defend Uhuru’s votes like I defended Kibaki’s in 2007-Martha Karua


Kirinyaga Governor aspirant Martha Karua has says she will protect incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta’s votes the same way she defended former president Kibaki’s votes in 2007.

Addressing the resident of Kutus, she said that she will make sure the votes cast for Jubilee are protected and that the ruling party will be well ahead of NASA.

“We want Uhuru to be miles and away ahead in tallying such that Raila will not be anywhere near. Tell them Martha Karua is still here. Did you see me supervise Kibaki’s votes..did you find me a joke when working? ” the Narc Kenya leader said.

She urged residents to turn out in large numbers to ensure an almost 100 per cent voter turnout during the polls.

“Today we are only reminding you of Uhuru’s vote since we know he has votes in Kirinyaga, but we can err if we don’t turn out. That day after voting go back to your home and look out for anyone who may be unable to make it to the polling stations, the old the sick. …Take them to vote.” Karua told residents of Kutus.

Gichugu MP Njogu Barua who attended the event said NASA is politicizing CS Joseph Nkaissery’s death as a way of survival since they know they will lose.

He said the opposition is looking for every way to survive the defeat that is coming.

“Let them not politicise the death of Nkaissery. The CS interior is our son and we are also affected as a nation,” Barua said.

Maragua MP Kamande Wambuku also called on all registered voters to turn out to vote or President Uhuru.

“Close to half a million in Central and Eastern did not turn out to vote last elections, but this time we all must show up to ensure this is done without a doubt.”





  1. You may call her what you think, but to me she is the Iron Lady who stood firm to the hilt after Orengo tried to dispute the Tharak Nithi ballot count. I was glued to the tv and what l saw and gathered really made me proud of this strong lady. She made sure all Kibaki votes were counted to the last ballot. Marther is the person who really can tell what transpired in the talling Centre, where she kept vigil the whole nite. Can someone prove me wrong on this? Orengo knows better.. the election was never stollen! The song has sung been ever since, to keep somebody relevant and keep the “burning”. The truth is bitter and no push over too. If there is one politician who arbors and is like pamba na moto in corruption, none other than this Woman. In politics, missculculating and backing the wrong horse is an on going concern. Judging her is the worst mistake we could do at the moment. Haven’t anyone noted how clearly she has avoide the Waiguru issue? Meaning, she knows more about the saga than other ppl who presume to know everything on the matter. It’s of paramount importance that she is in right camp this time. As former Gichugu MP, she was vote amongst the top for in the nation in managing the CDF kitty. The best governor, and a woman for that matter, is in the making. I would be the first to cast my ballot for her, if l were a voter in Kirinyaga. I wish she were in my county. I pray to the Almighty, that the light shine upon the ppl of Kirinyaga to elect her, without a blink of an eye put their trust in this couragiuos Lady.

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