February 5, 2016

147 Croatian students lie on the ground for 147 seconds to pay tribute to Garissa victims

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147 Croatian students from the Zaghreb University lay on the ground for 147 seconds in honor of the 147 Kenyans killed in the Garissa terror attacks. The students lay in front of their campus building in the capital city Zagreb on Thursday. There symbolism voiced solidarity with the victims of the Al-Shabaab attack which occurred on April 2nd, 2015.

Last week, students from the University of Capetown in South Africa held a vigil for the victims of last week’s Garissa terror attacks. The students were remembering fellow students all the way across the continent whose lives were brutally cut short.(Read: South African and Venezuelan students pay tribute to fallen Garissa victims)

Also in the last week, students at the Central University of Venezuela also stood in solidarity by re-enacting a scene in one of the classrooms where several students’ bodies were found.

The National Union of Teacher (UK) also paid tribute to the Garissa victims by displaying placards with number 147 on them representing the number of those killed. They also remembered 43 Mexican teaching students who went missing in their country.

17 Responses to “147 Croatian students lie on the ground for 147 seconds to pay tribute to Garissa victims”
  1. Ray Osare says:

    Great Gesture! Thank you for feeling with us, Croatia.

  2. Thank you we appreciate the souls and minds that put together prayers for our mother country Kenya.

  3. Thanks you for sharing the grief

  4. gd gesture! thanx 4 sharing the grief.

  5. It is only our Govt that is taking this lightly. SMH

  6. thank you Croatia and any other country
    for standing with us kenyans

  7. Edgar Mwinzi says:

    Thanks for standing with us ,(Kenyans ) we are happy to peas you there bear with me that togetherness is the only way we can win this global terror doing evils peoples all the world .

  8. Stella Kerubo says:

    Thanks Croatia for ur support and standing with us. God bless you.

  9. Thank you and thank you once more.Good to know that other people around the world are in solidarity with Kenya.

  10. Mathew Nyamu says:

    Thank you Croatia for the solidarity.Your prayers came at the right time.

  11. grace says:

    thanks, Croatia. there is God in your country.

  12. Christine Kiki says:

    Thanks to All the countries that have shown support to our student who perished in the Garissa attacks.

    Thanks to University Students in Croatia who displayed support as well.

  13. Ray Osare says:

    Thank you NUT, UK. In deed, the slain are more than just a number!

  14. B.B.Mo-Franck says:

    I am from RDC but I share that feeling with the croatian student

    • Esther Makadia says:

      Thanx for the solidarity. For all the mothers who lost their childer,ourinnocent brothers and sisters who died. The grief is too painful. God rest your souls.

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