19 yr Old Roy Kamau of Dallas pens his second book


“The book became a #1 bestseller list Amazon on the first week of its release.”

19-year-old author and thought leader, Roy Kamau, expounds on the love
with his newest book called “Love Is.” The Bible commands us to love the

Lord with all of our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. But what
really is love?

The world teaches that it is a feeling while the church says that it is an action, however, Roy expresses that the Bible speaks on love as a garment.

Love is what we are to put on and through this one-hour short-read, he not only explains the biblical view of love but convicts the readers to evaluate
themselves on whether they truly love their neighbor as themselves.

Some readers call the book “mind-blowing” and others say the author
“deliberately loves the unlovable, taking the love of Jesus to the lost…”

The heart of the book is “God is Love and if we claim we to know him, we
must love.” As a reader, you’ll discover love as a feeling, a garment, an
expression, and a conviction.

The book is available only on Kindle Amazon, and 30% of all proceeds go
to support orphans in Kenya through AOM ministries.
Follow this link to get your copy of Love Is: http://bit.ly/loveisbook

About the author:

Roy Kamau is an 19-year-old author, speaker, and graphic/web designer. Roy uses his gift and passion of communicating to empower young millennial leader with principles and resources on creating a life of health and wealth.

He is the author of three books and most recent “Trust Without Borders,” a
heart-warming book on deepening your trust in God.

Currently, he is a sophomore in studying Global Ministry and The Marketplace and plans to use his major to create business models that are effective in advancing the Kingdom of God as well as building the wealth of

In his free time, he enjoys long talks with friends, playing his
guitar and a sweet cup of Kenyan coffee. Stay in touch with Roy Kamau by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @siroyy




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