[VIDEO] 5 Kenyans deported from US arrive at JKIA along with 67 Somalis


A US charter plane carrying five Kenyans deported from the US arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport of Friday morning.

The Kenyans are among 72 people who arrived at the JKIA aboard an Omni International flight after being removed from the US over immigration issues.

All the Somali deportees were handcuffed but the Kenyans were not.

The Kenyans and sixty seven Somalis had been rounded up in various US sates due to various criminal offenses.

Some of the offences attached to this latest bunch of deportees included robbery, sexual assault and drug offenses.

US charter plane carrying Kenyan and somali deportees when it arrived on Friday Morning at the JKIA
US charter plane carrying 5 Kenyans and 67 Somali deportees when it arrived on Friday Morning at the JKIA

According to an immigration official at JKIA, the Somalis proceeded to Mogadishu while Kenyans were processed by local officials.

The number of those expected was 88 who included seven Kenyans but only 72 arrived, an official said.

This is the second batch of immigrants to be deported from the US in five months

In January, more than 90 Somali nationals and two Kenyans arrived in the country after being deported from the United States.