February 5, 2016

Airwing boss admits plane for Recce squad was picking his daughter in law in Mombasa

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The Kenya Police Airwing boss Rogers Mbithi has admitted that the plane that carried the Recce Company officers during the attack at Garissa University College had hours earlier carried his daughter-in-law and two children from Mombasa.

Mr Mbithi however maintained that the airwing unit was not to blame for the delay in deploying the elite police team to Garissa.

He said the plane that carried the Recce Company officers was available before they arrived at Wilson airport.

The Airwing commandant was responding to claims that the plane was on a “private” mission to Mombasa at a time when it was supposed to be flying to Garissa.

Col(rtd) Mbithi said the plane left Wilson for Mombasa at 7.30 am on the fateful day on what he said was an “instrument flight.”

He explained that during training on how to fly in bad weather, the Mombasa route is usually the best for the task and every pilot is required to practice at least every week.

On board were an instructor and a student.

But when returning to Nairobi, Mr Mbithi admitted that it carried his daughter-in-law and two children.

“There is nothing to hide. It came back with her and two small children. I took full responsibility and explained that,” said Col(rtd) Mbithi.

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet asked the Airwing commandant to explain the matter, which he did.

Col(rtd) Mbithi denied claims that a businessman had been on the Mombasa trip.

He said other than the daughter-in-law and two children, the instructor and an Inspector who was the student, there was nobody else in that plane.


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  1. That is kenya for you they will always cook stories to defend their actions

  2. Don,t punish general so much for letting her daughter in law ride on the police aircraft many of us include who are criticizing him we have been offered rides in government vehicles and also in those aircraft and even used government property so let us not cast stones for those stones can also be cast back to us

  3. There is certainly a great deal tօ knoա about thiѕ
    issue. І love all of tɦe pօints yοu haνе made.

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