American family torn apart as kin plans to travel to Kenya to meet boyfriend


A family in the US is torn apart after an American woman makes up her mind to travel to Kenya to meet her boyfriend whom she has never met before.

Sarah’s family has tried to warn her that she may be getting scammed but she is adamant about her plans.

Sarah says she is madly in love with the Kenyan man almost 20 years her junior and is waiting for her tax refund in February so that she can make the trip to meet the man known as Kevin.

She says that she plans on divorcing her current husband and leave their four children behind in the US and travel to Kenya.

Her family has tried to dissuade her from the idea but she has stood steadfast.

“This is much more than a midlife crisis,” says Jennifer who is Sarah’s sister. Jennifer said that this type of behavior is totally out of character for her Christian sister. “If this is the true Sarah, then I don’t know my sister at all.”

Sarah’s parent also shared their fears about her plans..

“Sarah doesn’t even have a clue of what she’s getting herself into if she moves to Kenya,” her mother Brenda says.

“My biggest fear is that she will get on a plane, go to Africa and we’ll never see her again,” her dad adds.

Dr. Phil sent a team to Kenya to track Kevin down a team to Kenya to look for Kevin.