Apostle Nganga warns Linus Kaikai to steer off church matters or face consequences


    Apostle James Ng’ang’a, founder of Neno Evangelism Centre, has hit out at Director of Strategy & Innovation Royal Media Services Linus Kaikai after the latter suggested that only preachers with a Degree in Theology should be allowed to spread God’s word.

    In a video that has gone viral on social media, Ng’ang’a has warned Kaikai to steer clear of church matters and focus on journalism.​

    The visibly angry 66-year-old apostle admits that he is not schooled but will not go back to school because it is too late.

    He further asks Kaikai to stop interfering with church matters or else he will face the consequences.

    “Mbinguni hatuendi na kisomo…kusema mtatengeneza katiba ya kufungia wahubiri ambao hawajui kusoma ni makossa. This is Kenya not Rwanda.

    “Wewe ni news anchor, unaongea hivyo kwa nini? Ndugu zako wote wamesoma? Mimi sikusoma na mimi ndiye mwanzilishi wa hii kanisa.

    “Ufunge mdomo yako, I am telling you…deal na ule bishop mmekosana,” he said.

    (We will not need degrees to enter the gates of heaven. Suggesting that only pastors with degrees will be allowed to preach is impractical. This is Kenya, not Rwanda. You are a news anchor…You should not be talking like that. Are all your relatives learned? I did not go to school but I am the founder of this church. Shut your mouth and deal with the bishop who offended you.)

    The controversial man of God also stated that all the good jobs in Kenya are concentrated in the hands of a few and the poor are left with nothing.

    “Please separate preaching from news anchoring…I am telling you like a Chief General Commander.

    “If you don’t stop I promise you will face the consequences…sina haja ya kusoma na nikipelekwa shule kilazima sitasoma.”

    He added that unlike news anchors, pastors do not apply make-up before doing their job and are appointed by God, not mere mortals.

    The apostle’s reaction comes in the wake of a ‘fake resurrection’ that was staged by South African preacher Alpha Lukau.

    This drew reactions from all over the world and last week, Kaikai opined that there should be guidelines to protect church-goers from greedy clergy who are out to fleece their flock.





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