British Luxury vehicle Bentley launches dealership in Kenya


Luxury British car brand Bentley has appointed a local dealer for the vehicles that are expected to hit the Kenyan market in June.

Transport firm Multiple Group will serves a the local dealer as the group expands its presence in the new luxury car market. The Bentley dealership will be known as Bentley Nairobi.

The group entered the market in 2014 with the Porsche brand.

Deep pocketed Kenyans have already paid for the vehicles upfront with prices ranging between Sh22 million and Sh37 million.

2017 Bentley Bentayga retailing at $229,100 (Sh22.9 million)
2017 Bentley Bentayga retailing at $229,100 (Sh22.9 million)


Five Bentleys have already been pre-paid for even before their arrival.

Nine Bentleys are expected to be sold by the end of the year and with the pre-order of the five units, it is likely the target may be surpassed.

The dealership is expected to carry the Bentley models Bentayga (SUV), Flying Spur (sedan) and Continental GT (two-door coupé).

Later on, there may be the introduction of Mulsanne, which has an extended wheel base.


The clientele targeted is mostly rich families with dynastic wealth and self-made entrepreneurs who emphasis quality and distinction in their consumption.

The entry of the Bentleys joins a growing list of luxury car brands which include the Range Rover Autobiography (sold by RMA Kenya) and Mercedes-Maybach and S-Class (DT Dobie).

Kenya’s super rich have been growing and have increased spending on luxury items.

A new complex is expected to be built at a cost about $20 million (Sh2 billion) and will house a show room and service centre for the Bentley and Porsche dealership.