I will legalize chang’aa if elected president-Raila Odinga


National Super Alliance (Nasa) presidential candidate Raila Odinga has promised to legalize traditional brew chang’aa if he wins the presidency in the August polls.

Mr Odinga also said that he will improve the lives of civil servants and change how things are done in the country.

“There is no law in this country that prohibits Kenyans from consuming chang’aa. People should be allowed to enjoy their favorite drinks,” he proclaimed.

The opposition leader said that the Kenyan police waste a lot of time and resources going after those who engage in Chang’aa brewing saying it is a futile exercise.

He made the statements during a rally on Friday at Sirisia Grounds in Bungoma County.

“Our officers spend a lot of time chasing and arresting people consuming chang’aa instead of going for the big fish who steal from the public coffers,” he said.

Mr Odinga however did not say how he was going to curb the cases of numerous deaths associated with the consumption of the brew.

Various localities have been cracking down on chang’aa dens as cases of deaths are reported after the consumption of the brew.

Mr Odinga also made a campaign promise to uplift the welfare of public servants such as teachers and police officers.

“If elected, the NASA government will pay teachers, nurses, and doctors well. We will not sack chiefs and the elders will get their monthly stipend on time.

“We will also increase the [salaries] of our police officers and ensure they are living in good conditions so that they stop interfering with those engaging in the chang’aa business,” he said.




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