Chopper pilots who allow Kenyans to perform “James Bond” antics to lose licence


Helicopter pilots who allow Kenyans to hang on the helicopters they are flying will going forward lose their licences.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority said cases of pilots who do not observe the standard operating procedures and regulations are on the rise.

The authority director-general, Mr Gilbert Kibe, said the said incidents are not only a danger to people but also on property.

“Members of the public have been seen approaching aircraft as they land or take off, unaware of the dangers they expose themselves to,” said Mr Kibe.

The KCAA will be issuing a circular on safety requirements which will regulate the hoisting of banners on aircraft without authority, flying aircraft with modified, concealed or contrasting marks, as well as lack of security on control of parked aircraft, among others.

The authority chairman, Mr Samuel Poghisio, said those performing “dare-devil stunts” by jumping or hanging onto an airborne helicopters should not be considered as heroes.