February 5, 2016

Daily Nation apologizes for graphic photo on Sunday Nation cover

button print grnw20 Daily Nation apologizes for graphic photo on Sunday Nation cover

The Daily Nation has apologizes for the graphic photo of a Westgate Mall victim which was splashed on the paper’s front page. Kenyans from all walks of life condemned the use of the photo on the page as some called it traumatizing. Various Kenyan readers tweeted they dismay at the photo and calle on the paper to act. Some vendors who reacted to readers dismay took to ripping off the front page and selling the rest of the pages. The readers did not seem to mind.

Through his twitter account, The Daily Nation CEO Linus Gitahi apologized to Kenyans admitting that the paper made poor judgement in using the graphic image. On his twitter handle, he wrote ” Kenyans, we made a poor judgement on our front page photo today. We sincerely apologize for the hurt caused.” – I respect the courage to apologize and as a Kenyan I accept the sensitivity.”

As soon as the paper started circulating, twitter lit up with condemnation. Here is a sample of the complaints…

Julie Gichuru ‏@juliegichuru15h

Daily Nation, I humbly submit that the loved ones of the victim on your front page should sue. #LifeLessons #Dignity

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Daily Nation, you could have opted for numerous images of heroism and courage under fire but no, you went for utter horror #WestageMall

Daily Nation newspaper frontpage and NTV shows us why many news reporters and anchors left that station at a particular time.

Seen @dailynation‘s disturbing front page image, join #hugSitawa in standing against it, report to media council here http://www.mediacouncil.or.ke/index.php/make-complaint/view/form?utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=bufferf08dc&utm_medium=twitter …

The shocking picture of a suffering woman at Westgate on the Daily Nation front page today is both unethical and unprofessional.

Dear Daily Nation for your front page; you get a #journalismfail – the victims, their families and humanity need dignity and respect! #basic

As the @dailynation disregards a victim’s dignity & publishes an insensitive cover image in today’s Sunday Nation I must #BoycottDailyNation


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