Ezekiel Mutua asks Google to take down Blue Whale challenge game that led to Kenyan teen’s suicide

Blue Whale Challenge
Blue Whale Challenge


Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has sent a letter to internet search giant to Google to take down the Blue Whale Challenge game from all download sites after a Kenyan teen committed suicide.

He said in a statement that the KFCB had ordered Google to take down the game from all social media sites as it is believed that the teen committed suicide for reasons connected with the game.

He said that he had further written to all internet service providers to block the video from being accessed in Kenya.

The Films board boss also said that he had contacted Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to block all content related to the game.

The game is being blamed for the death of the teenager in Nyamakima, Kamukunji after a he was given a challenge by a game administrator who dared him to commit suicide.

The game goes through various levels of challenging dares and eventually a player is dared to commit suicide.

“Anyone found allowing children to play the Challenge will be arrested and prosecuted in line with the Film and Stage Plays Act Cap 222. Under this act, it is illegal to expose children to any content that is suitable for adults only,” said Mutua.

“The Board will liase with the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) to find ways of blocking access to social media gaming applications that pose dangers to children locally under the Child Online Protection (COP) Programme,” he added.

Mutua urged parents to be vigilant and watch closely content being accessed by their kids and to report any contentious content to the board through its hotline 0711222204.

A couple of years back, Mutua had asked google to take a down a video which featured music containing content showing gay lovers making out.

The video was never taken down but it was flagged as inappropriate.

The Blue Whale challenge encourages players to harms themselves with the ultimate dare being to commit suicide.

A number of US school districts have warned parents about the challenge game terming it as dangerous.

When a player signs up to the challenge game, they are required to follow an administrator’s challenge over the course of 50 days which may involve cutting yourself in various places or even listening to a song.

The player wins when they complete the final task, committing suicide, on the 50th day.