Facebook deletes Kenya largest social media group


Social media giant Facebook on Wednesday mysteriously deleted the largest Kenyan group from its platform. The group known as Group Kenya was deleted without notice.

The group had brought together about 2.2 million Kenyans who discussed various issues ranging from political to social.

Prior to its deletion, the group had engaged in a vibrant debate over the ruling party Jubilee’s performance raising speculation that this may have been the reason for the action.

The group administrators however have started another group with the same name and announced that the earlier group page had been deleted without an explanation.

Many users had accused the group of engaging in hate speech and it is not clear whether there were any reports made to Facebook by these users or by another interested party.

Under normal circumstances, Facebook will delete a group that does not adhere to its terms and conditions. Sometimes a Facebook user or group may get away with a mere warning but if the offending practices persist, Facebook can shut the account down.