[PHOTOS] Governor Kabogo shows President Uhuru around Kiambu in armored vehicles


President Uhuru Kenyatta was on Wednesday treated to a reception he does not see everyday by his host Governor William Kabogo.

Kabogo made sure that he dolled out the very best of vehicles for the president.

Kabogo trotted out an armored Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) that led the entourage as it snaked about the town.

The Iveco LMV or Light Multirole Vehicle is a military tactical vehicle which was built to withstand threats posed by improvised explosive devices and landmines. It has good off-road performance and can reach 130km/h.

The vehicle is being operated by the armies of Italy, Britain, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria and Norway.

Kabogo armored3

The newest model of the LMV purchased by Pentagon had a sticker price of $565,000 (Sh56.5 million).

It was not clear whether there were any security concerns or it was just a case of flamboyance by Kabogo on the need for the armored vehicle to be used.

Kabogo’s armoured vehicle to be used during his campaigns for the August elections

Kabogo is an ardent lover of state of the art machines and owns a variety of vehicles and motorbikes..

Kabogo armored