Help needed as body of Kenyan man in Philadelphia likely to be tagged as unknown


Philadelphia USA: The Good People of Ekama, Mumias miss him dearly. So is Mwajuma, his only child – a kindergarten school teacher. We would never know how she felt when Philadelphia Hospital told her they couldn’t wait no more. They were disposing off her father’s remains marked as “unclaimed” – a word that could have meant “unloved” even “unwanted”.

Omar MMUBANGO arrived in the United States in September 1976 on F1 Student Visa. They called him Omar Murunga Mubango at the Univ. of Wisconsin River Falls and Univ of Minnesota.

He attended prayers at a Mosque. He fraternized with his kind for fate sat him among a West African brotherhood. He had friends – and neighbors too.

We know he had neighbors for his Apartment was on 1623 Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia. When it really mattered – no one stepped forward – he was forsaken for weeks at the mortuary of the Univ of Pennsylvania Hospital.

We know not of his Mosque, for we could have asked for help.

He had no Church for Jesus’ People could have rallied for one of their own.

Our Kenyan Embassy offered no help

But we know: Soldiers Never Abandon Their own

It is a classic sendoff: A man that led a mystery life gets a mystery send off

There are neither Committees nor Keshas for he we guess he wouldn’t have liked

We, the People of Kenya refuse to let them tag Omar as “Unclaimed”

We, the People of Kenya are determined to Ekama Village receive its son

We are all contributing, donating, offering, tithing and fundraising

Omar’s body is at the Watson Funeral Services, Jersey City, NJ

Nearly 40 per cent of needed funds have been raised.

Thank you
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