‘Human Uber’ Chameleon Mask will let you attend an event remotely but not using your body


A Japanese researcher Jun Rekimoto has deviced a way for people to attend events by use of surrogates. This will be made possible by using the ChameleonMask.

People will be able to send these surrogates attend meetings, parties and other social occasions but the faces would be beamed on their (surrogate’s) faces.

For example if your friend invites you for a walk in the park but you have a conflicting schedule and you do not want to say no, you just hire someone to go and represent you while you beam your face onto a ChameleonMask from the comfort of your home.

The surrogate will then have a smart-pad strapped to the face along with a speaker.

You can also be able to send someone to your child’s soccer game if you can’t make it and you can cheer remotely.

While using ChameleonMask it is recommended that one gets a surrogate who has a similar body type.

The technology was unveiled at MIT Tech Review‘s EmTech this week.