IEBC to upgrade results transmission system


The IEBC will be conducting an upgrade of its electronic system in readiness for the October 17 repeat presidential elections.

The polls agency released a revised elections timetable which showed that the kits to be used in identifying voters and sending results have already been retrieved from the field.

According to the Kenya Integrated Elections Management System (KIEMS), the kits were retrieved between September 4 and September 8.

In an exercise that started on Friday and set to end on September 15, the IEBC is also “enhancing” its Results Transmission and Presentation (RTS) software.

The RTS is a system for transmitting provisional results electronically to an observation centre.

According to the IEBC, the agency will on October 10 and 11 conduct a simulation exercise for the KIEMS.

“At the end of voting and when votes have been counted and tallied, the presiding officers enter the data on the signed results sheet (Form 35) into a specially configured mobile phones and transmits the results simultaneous to the election results centres at the constituency, county and national level,” the IEBC states.

However, the electronic results, that are displayed on big screens at observation centres and televisions, are provisional.

The IEBC schedule also shows that the process of uploading voter registers into the electronic gadgets will be done on September 22 and the distribution of KIEMS to polling station will be done for eight days starting October 1.