February 5, 2016

Joseph Olita the Star actor in the Rise and Fall of Idi Amin dies in Siaya

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Joseph Olita the star actor in the epic 1981 film Rise And Fall of Idi Amin, dies in Siaya.

The 70-year-old died on Sunday morning at his rural home in Pap Oriang’ in South East Alego of high blood pressure, family members said.

Mr Olita had returned home on Saturday from Nairobi where he had been living after the burial of his mother when he fell sick.

His brother Matthews Ogola said he had been suffering from arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure by the time he died.

According to his daughter Ms Risper Odero, Mr Olita developed pressure after the burial of his mother on Saturday.

Ms Odero said that the family was confronting the reality of losing two relatives within a short time.

Born in 1944, Olita joined Pap Oriang Primary School in 1951, before enrolling at St Mary’s Yala in 1958 for his O levels.

The movie was directed by Sharad Patel. Rise and Fall of Idi Amin was a co-production of the United Kingdom, Kenya and Nigeria, with most of the filming done in Kenya.

-Daily Nation

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