February 5, 2016

Joska plots for sale at Sh450,000 each

Joska featured
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In the past few months, Joska, a fast growing area located about 30km from Nairobi CBD is seeing an Influx of real estate investment due to proximity to Nairobi vis-a-vis the cost of land. Joska leads the pack when compared to areas like Kitengela, Isinya, Kiserian, Rongai and Ruiru and more so for investors looking for the best value for money. As such Joska is a preferred location for many SACCOs which are buying large tracks of land for their members for development or speculation.
I strongly believe that Joska is one of the areas with the best return on investment and would like to give you this opportunity to invest in the area whether for speculation of development. I have some plots in Joska about 6 km from kangundo road and can be accessed via a dirt road. The exact location via google maps is https://goo.gl/maps/7xesjLDRGY52.
1. The plots have access to water and electricity.
2. All plots have ready titles so one can do a search at the ministry of lands to ascertain ownership.
3. The Ministry of Labour has a project barely 100m from my plots. The pictures can be seen at the bottom left of the accompanying power point.
4. Nairobi City Council SACCO whom I share a fence with, has commenced construction of a members-only estate scheduled to be complete in 2 years. Road construction has already began (see top middle and top right pictures in the power point)
5. There is a nearby school about 600m from the plots (bottom middle picture of PPT)
6. There is a current murram road about 1km from the plots that will be tarmacked and will extended to join Tala from Joska.
7. The cost is KES 450,000 per plot. A small discount will be given to those who purchase 2 or more plots.
For anyone interested kindly contact Alex @ [email protected] or +254 (0701) 432 – 942. I have sold to some diaspora members already and have their permission for anyone needing to do a reference check. Am more than happy to share their contacts albeit on private mail.
Note: There are no brokers involved. All the plots belong to me (with the exception of those already sold).

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