Kabogo managed to garner less than 20 percent of the vote in Kiambu


Ferdinand Waititu did not just beat the incumbent Governor William Kabogo handily in the Kiambu county Jubilee nominations; he literally embarrassed and humiliated him.

The fiery Kabogo did not even sugar coat it as he conceded defeat. That is how bad it was.

On Tuesday, Kiambu gave Waititu 353,604 votes (83.4%) and gave a paltry 69,916 votes (16.5%) to Kabogo.

Kabogo did not even wait for the tally to get to the halfway point before conceding saying that the trajectory of the results could not be altered and it pointed to a Waititu win.


“It is well with me. Whoever will be the next governor, I wish him well. This is a very serious job,” he said.

“I think someone does not want me for Governor of Kiambu and I am done for now. I wish Waititu, people of Kiambu well.”

Falling on the wayside along with Kabogo were five Kiambu MPs who included Esther Gathogo (Ruiru) Njoroge Baiya (Githunguri), John Kiragu (Limuru), Mburu Kahangara (Lari), Kigo Njenga (Gatundu North).