Kenya and US sign security pact making reality of direct flights a giant step closer


Direct flights between Kenya and the United States took another giant step after the two countries signed Memorandum of Understanding which allows the two countries to exchange passenger information.

The move is geared towards strengthening security which allows potential problem passengers to be identified ahead of time.

The Automated Targeting System- Global was seen as a key step towards the commencement of the eagerly awaited direct flights between the two countries.

After the signing of the agreement which was done during a high level steering committee of the two countries security governance initiative, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery lauded the move saying the partnership has greatly, ” enhanced Kenya’s capacity and ability to fight terrorism and other trans-boarder crimes.”

US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec reiterated that “they will continue to stand shoulder with Kenya in this fight against terrorism.”

The US-Kenya Security Governance Initiative (SGI) joint action plan is focused on police human resource management, integrated border management and the administration of justice.