Kenya releases new five-seater Mobius II into the market


Kenya has a new vehicle in the market after Mobius Motors released the five-seater Mobius II.

The company released The Mobius II as a follow up to the Mobius I which was manufactured in October 2014 and was selling at Sh950,000 ( Sh1.1 million with tax).

The first prototype was pretty basic while the new one has advanced features and improved exterior and interior design. Some of the improved features include power steering, sealed side windows and lockable doors.

The newly released vehicle has a higher ground clearance of 35cm and has a rated load capacity of 625kg.

The vehicle has 5-speed manual transmission, can hold 1,798cc of petrol and is retailing at Sh1.3 million and above.

According Joel Jackson who is the founder of the firm,the latest release is to help farmers increase productivity.

He said the car’s body is built using tubular steel frame to reduce build and repair costs.

“This is a highly affordable, functional and durable vehicle, it is designed and built for the African market.”

“The vehicle has been driven over 2,500 kms around Kenya on varied terrain and proved its rugged capability,” he adds.


Mobius’s target market is small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in agribusiness, infrastructure as well as supplies operating in remote rural areas and who require a vehicle that can withstand the rough terrain.

The car manufacturer also targets the lucrative tourism market for riders in the national parks as well as government agencies, especially those located in remote rural outposts.