Kenyan carjacking victim brutally beaten by teens in 2013 dies in Iowa


A Kenyan man who was beaten and left for dead by three teenagers in Iowa in 2013 died on Monday.

Mike Wasike was beaten unconscious in February 2013 and left for dead in the middle of a snowy street in Des Moines.

He suffered life-altering injuries after the trio stopped him to steal his car as he was driving home from work.

One of the teens struck Wasike on his head with a gun, causing devastating injuries.

After the attach, he lost his vision as well as his ability to talk and eat on his own and was placed on specialized care for the remainder of his life.

The assailants were eventually arrested and received sentences ranging from 20 to 50 years.

Terrance Cheeks II, was convicted of two counts of second degree robbery and sentenced to 50 years behind bars

Leshaun Murray also received a 50-year sentence with mandatory jail time of at least 17 years after being convicted of two counts of first degree robbery.

Kenneth Barry was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to second degree robbery and conspiracy to commit forcible felony.

He will serve seven years before becoming eligible for parole.