Kenyan injured in horrific attack in Georgia seeks medical help

Jeremy Kuria survived a horrific attack in August 2007 which claimed the lives of his mother and two sisters

A Kenyan teenager who survived a horrific attack which took the lives of his mother and two sisters is seeking help in settling a hospital bill after an operation to remove a brain tumor.

Jeremy Kuria survived the brutal attack in August 2007 in Powder Springs but his mother Jane Kuria and two sisters, 19-year-old Isabela and 16-year-old Anabelle did not make it.

According to police, the attack happened in the middle of the night as the family was sleeping. Jeremy who 7 years old at the time and a cousin who was 10 at the time survived.

Jeremy Kuria and his family who were murdered in the August 2007 attack in Powder Springs, GA

Jeremy now lives in Kenya with his grandmother in Kenya and has recently had a brain tumor removed.

He will need to travel back to Atlanta, Georgia to seek specialized medical evaluation at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta though the tumor is believed to be benign.

“To see if we can fundraise to offset this bill. We are in tune of about $50,000 right now. Which we don’t have. And for Jeremy to get further treatment, this bill has to be paid,” Njau Waira, Jeremy’s uncle told FOX5.


The Kenyan American Community Church located at 771 Elberta Drive in Marietta held a fundraiser for Jeremy Kuria on Sunday February 25 at 2 p.m.

GoFundMe has been set up in support of Jeremy where they hope to raise $50,000 for Jeremy’s past medical bills, but hope to raise enough for future bills as well.

To donate to the GoFundMe click here.