Kenyan man in Kent, WA dies in a motor cycle accident


A Kenyan man was killed after he was involved in a motor bike accident in Kent, WA on Saturday evening.

Antony Karanja, 41, was killed when a motor cycle he attempted to ride accelerated and hit a curb throwing him against a fence causing head injuries.

Karanja had asked a friend of his to allow him to take a photo while he was hopped on his motorbike. His friend warned him that the motorbike was difficult to handle but Karanja  assured him that he would be okay. His friend allowed him to take a spin in a church compound after they attended service.

He lost control of the 2016 BMW S1000 as the bike seemed to accelerate hitting a curb and throwing him against the fence.

An eye witness told police that Karanja didn’t seem to know how to hit the brakes because the bike picked up speed before it hit the curb.

Karanja regained consciousness soon after the accident but later succumbed to his injuries.