Kenyan mother in a Texas homeless shelter seeks help to go bury mum in Kenya


A Kenyan woman in Fortworth, Texas is seeking assistance from well wishers to be able to travel to Kenya to bury her mum who passed away on April 3rd.

Judith Achieng says that she is holed up in a shelter for women and children after being subjected to domestic violence. She wants to travel with her kids and she has no means at this time.

She is the first born in her family and her siblings are all students.

She moved to the US about two years ago. She was never allowed to work and used to stay at home with her kids.

This is her story.


My name is Judith Achieng, and am appealing to well wishers to please help me as I am in a tough situation currently.

My dear mother passed on today morning in Kenya after a period of sickness. She was the only surviving parent we had left, as dad had passed on some years back. Mum was the rock and pillar of our family, we are totally lost and we can only hope and pray that God will see us through.

I am currently in a shelter following domestic violence cases and the cases are still Pending. I have 3 kids the youngest being only 2 weeks old.

Funeral arrangements are ongoing back at home as they wait for help from me as the eldest in the family. I would wish to travel with my kids to give my mum a proper send off with your help.

Your help and prayers will greatly be appreciated. Please remember my family in your prayers. Thank you and God bless as you plan to give.

Funds can be sent to my cashapp; $njirijudith phone #8177247245
Bank account; First National Bank
Account #450185475
Routing #111906271


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