Kenyan mum furious after son denied dedication ceremony by church because she is single

    Dedication ceremony
    Dedication ceremony

    A single Kenyan mum in Mombasa is furious that her church is discriminating against her son by denying him the dedication rite due to her marital status.

    The woman, identified as Wanjiku cried foul when her church declined to dedicate her one and a half year old son because she is unmarried.

    She says that the church informed her of the last minute cancellation letting her know that her son would not participate in the dedication ceremony.

    The dedication ceremony is a symbolic rite which affirms that the parents of the children being dedicated will raise them in the Christian faith and in ways that align with the teachings of the faith.

    Wanjiku says she was informed of the decision that her son had been sidelined even though she had been a faithful member of the church for four years and had even attended the dedication classes.

    She says that she was called in to the church office by the pastor’s wife and was asked why she was unmarried and as to the whereabouts of the baby’s father.

    She says she explained that the baby’s father was away working in Sudan and that they were planning on getting married in the near future.

    However, the church refused to go ahead with the ceremony for the boy until they could talk directly to his father.

    She says she was told it was wrong to get pregnant yet she served in some of the church’s ministries. She said that she was told that she should be teaching those young members how to stay moral and not getting pregnant.

    Wanjiku took to Facebook to voice her frustrations but took the post down after some of the church members came down heavily on her and prompting her mum to ask her to take the post down.





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