Kenyan woman dies after hit-and-run crash in Phoenix, Arizona


A Kenyan woman,Sheila Jeptanui Chuchuney of Phoenix has died after she was struck in a hit-and-run crash. Sheila was rushed to the hospital but died few minutes later.

She is the daughter of Everlyn Lelei of Phoenix, Arizona.

Family and friends are meeting every evening from 5pm at Evelyn Lelei’s home located at 5232 W Warner St,Phoenix 85043.

Any help can be channeled through Mary Waweru the treasurer,through cash app (402) 617-4471.

The tentative burial date is January 6, 2018.

Contact the following for additional questions:
•Francis Nyamete (chairman) (480) 797-8273
• Mary Waweru (Treasurer) (402) 617-4471
• Zeituni Sisiwa (Secretary) (623)755-4931
•Maggie Ole Sabay (assistant secretary) (602) 750-7940
•Veronica Gumo (youth representative) (602) 688-3851
•Everlyn Lelei cell (323) 445-2606
•Stella Chuchuney cell (602) 348-6416