Kenyans abroad told to use established real estate firms when investing back home


Kenyans living abroad are losing millions of shilling to dishonest relatives back home in Kenya.

Many of those falling prey to their relatives have altogether shelved any further plans of investing in Kenya.

Advising Kenyans in the Diaspora, Enkavilla Properties chief executive Meshack Muhoho said that they should only engage with already established real estate firms with proven records of satisfactorily completed projects.

He said that potential investors should look past glossy photos posted on social media by newcomers.

“Look at organisations with a history on real estate not beginners who post glossy pictures on social media,” he said.

The real estate developer has implemented four multi-million gated communities in Kiambu’s Juja and Kajiado’s Kitengela and Isinya areas.

He noted that by Kenyans in the Diaspora who have fallen to scams shunning investing at home, it becomes a big drain to the Kenyan economy.

“Failing to invest when property prices are affordable and available is the biggest mistake anyone in the diaspora can make. They need to think about their future in a more proactive way where their investments will earn them rental income monthly,” he said.