[VIDEO] Kenyan lady “leaves” proposing boyfriend on bended knee


It was supposed to be the moment this unidentified Kenyan man had been waiting for. It was the moment he would after six years of dating this Kenyan lady, the love of his life, chart a future together and ask for her hand in marriage.

He did indeed pop the question but the rest did not go as planned.

The man went down on his knee in a packed restaurant and popped the big question. The lady in question seems taken aback and at times she paced back and forth cupping her hands over her mouth.

To be fair, the guy started on the wrong foot..or knee so to speak. He starts by asking the lady “Will you be my future ex-wife?”

He gets himself together and asks correctly..”will you be my wife.”

The crowd edged the woman to say yes but she was not taking the bait. She can be seen whispering to the man and trying to make him unbend that knee..i suppose.

The man eventually stands up with no answer to his question. Seeming undeterred, the man goes back down on his knee.

This did not go down well with the lady who started walking past the man before dashing out of the eatery.

Gasps can be heard in the restaurant with a woman who may be the one filming saying “oh my goodness I feel like crying. Ngai…aki imagine nasikia kulia.”

We…what many people did not know though was that this was a social experiment. The couple in the clip staged this for a social experiment of some sort at a Chicken Inn in Nairobi

Kenyans had quite a lot to say about the incident they believed was real.

This thing of public proposals just coz you see it in the movies does not work across board. Maybe she is a private person & you ambush her @potentash

Maybe they have never discussed marriage. Eish @AgolaLinda

Yup! If someone’s going to make a public proposal, they’d best be certain that it’s welcome! @MoSande

Of course. As I said jana maybe she was dating for companionship or other things but not for marriage.But the guy assumes it’s for marriage @potentash

She has kipchoge keinod! ???????????????????????????? — Bruce ???????? @ngwata_

Deserved that L.Unapropose aje Chicken Inn — Kiruku Waweru @KirukuJeff

Yaani it was so bad she didn’t even pick her phone or handbag. Atalipia uber akifika kwake na ile pesa iko kejani. — Alex @Aleqss_






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