Kiraitu Murungi’s supporters burn copies of the Daily Nation citing biased poll

Kiraitu Murungi's supporters burn copies of the Daily Nation
Kiraitu Murungi’s supporters burn copies of the Daily Nation

Furious supporters of Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi on Friday burned several copies of Daily Nation claiming the paper carried a biased poll.

The protest was ignited by an infotrak poll which showed the Senator trailing Governor Peter Munya by a wide margin.

According to the poll 41.1 per cent of Meru residents polled supported Governor Peter Munya while 29 per cent supported Kiraitu.

The poll also said that there would be bloodshed in the county if the general elections were to be held at this time.


Many protesters dismissed the polls as the shouted anti-Munya slogans saying they were not interviewed.

The protesters also accused Governor Munya of disparaging Kiraitu saying that he should stop referring to him as an “old man”.

The senator is 17 years older than Governor Munya. He is 65 years-old while Munya is 48.

One of the protesters, Willy Waweru dismissed the poll saying it should not have been circulated in the Daily Nation as it is ‘a respected paper.”

“Daily Nation should stop circulating lies’, he said.

“We know Infotrak does its work to the highest bidder. So, if Munya gave kickbacks, he is cheating himself.”