Know your rights Immigration forum in Houston, TX April 1, 2017


Beginning 3pm, we present 4 leading legal minds speaking on immigration and the law. Answering the toughest immigration questions.

Advising on contingency planning and designed for those who are or know someone who is maneuvering the changing immigration system. Be informed then you don’t have to fear.

Please join us. We will provide childcare

1) Solomon Musyimi – An honors graduate with a Masters in business school from Purdue University. With a Law Degree from TSU, Solomon has practiced law in Texas well over 20 years, currently heading a legal team of five (5) lawyers that passionately defend their clients. His background and passion have equipped him to excel as a legal mind.

2) Sarah Brooks – Has ran her own practice over 8+ years. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). A graduate of Texas A&M, Sarah was previously the president of the international and immigration law society. You’ll find her in Dallas and Houston courtrooms fighting for her clients.

3) Laban Opande – Brings 18 years of experience, a graduate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law – TSU. Laban is a known name within the kenyan community. He has assisted a multitude of families through extremely difficult situations. He’s an immigration law advocate for hundreds.

4) Uhuru Ndirangu – Served in the US Navy for 9 years and an Iraq War Veteran. He has previously worked in the Harris County District Attorney’s office before starting his practice. He’s brings a tireless hard working get it done approach to law on behalf of his clients.