February 5, 2016

Mdundo.com: Is the new Kenyan mobile music store about to hit it big?

button print grnw20 Mdundo.com: Is the new Kenyan mobile music store about to hit it big?

Mobile phones in Kenya are certainly grasping the attention of many industries. Not only has MPESA taken off in a major way but now other industries are set to take off big.

One such company is Mdundo.com. Mdundo is now Kenya’s official mobile music store and various artists are embracing this new venture.

This project is being funded by Google and a start-up “acceleration” company 88mph. 88mph is a company which helps start-up companies with funding of up to $100,000 based on type of project and probability of success.

The company has also been credited with the creation and function of Ghafla.co.ke

The team is hoping to ride the wave that is Kenya’s mobile telephony but also hopes to make inroads in the entire East African community.

How it works

Mdundo is a mobile phone music scratch card service. Various artists submit their music for end users to access after signing up with the service. Mdundo then creates scratch cards with special codes linked to the songs.

Once an end user has the scratch card, they can enter the code therein and download the song they want.

Artists are also buying a number of scratch cards and distributing them during their concerts for fans to download select songs. The card costs Ksh100 and the user gets a maximum of 5 songs.

However, by using mdundo.com the download is limitless with each song costing Sh25.

Samsung Galaxy Music phone is providing a free music card with the phone package. Sh3.8 million worth of cards was distributed to 38 artists this month. About 100 artists have signed up with the platform. Those who wish to enlist can do so at 88mph offices on Piedmont Plaza, 4th Floor, Ngong Road just above Brew Bistro