Message of Appreciation for your support in the life celebration of Njoki wa Ndegwa

Njoki Wa Ndegwa

The organizing committee would like to thank each one of you who made it to Njoki Wa Ndegwa’s life celebration. For those who did not make it & joined us on the live stream, we also appreciate you too.

To Rhema church, thank you for standing with Njoki, we as the committee & the community were humbled to working together as a team. We appreciate your time, effort & support. Pst Dr.Waigwa, we really appreciate you & your input during the meetings,we are humbled by your dedication.

DFW Pastors & churches, we cannot thank you enough, thank you so much for your support.

We also appreciate the out of state churches that pulled through, We as Kenyans in the Diaspora worked together as a great team.

Thank you to all the groups that were represented. Just to mention a few Kuga na kwika (KNG), Kenya Women the in USA (Kwitu), Great women on the move & Jambo Radio Netowrk (JRN).

We can’t forget to mention the states represented Massachusetts, Kansas, Atlanta, Virginia, Delaware, Washington & Alabama not forgetting the international team. To our Kenyan team we are overwhelmed by your devotion , We really appreciate your selfless act, your devotion & the unity was beyond measures

We cannot forget to thank the social media groups Jambonewspot, Mwakilishi, Samrack Diaspora news & updates & Jambo Radio Network.

Thanks to the video & photography services provided by Symbo media & Precipice Pix Photography we really appreciate your services.

Afrika Fusion thank you too for your catering services.

If I forgot to mention any group or anyone, please accept our appreciation, we don’t take it for granted. Thank you, thank you

Njoki must be smiling down on all of us. We will not say goodbye Njoki but till we meet again.

-Organizing Committee-Njoki wa Ndegwa farewell