Mike Sonko almost missed out on voting as his name comes up “missing” in party register


By ANTONY KARANJA| Jambonewspot.com|[email protected]

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was almost barred from voting as his name was missing from the party register.

Sonko appeared at Bidii Primary School to cast his vote for the Nairobi Gubernatorial race but the polling clerks could not locate his name.

After a few tense moments, the presiding officer at the polling station intervened and he was able to cast his vote.

The Senator also claimed that his supporters who are registered voters had been barred from voting.

“I was almost denied myself but I thank the presiding officer for quick understanding. If they rig me here I still have to go to the ballot,â€? he said.

“The same way I have been allowed to vote I expect them to allow my supporters to vote as well and not apply the rule selectively which is mostly happening in my strongholds,â€? he added.

He claimed that he had toured over 100 polling stations and he had witnessed his supporters being turned away due to their names not appearing on the rolls.

Sonko seemed to suggest that this was happening in areas where he believe are his stronghold.

He said the party should allow the use of the IEBC register as well.

The Jubilee Party had after reviewing credible information determined that using the party register on its own will leave room for infiltration in the Nairobi voting.

Jubilee Party National Elections board Chair Andrew Musangi had however earlier stated that the party would only use the party register in the Nairobi polling stations.

“This is a very cosmopolitan county obviously it hosts the capital, it hosts Kenyans from every corner of our republic and it hosts Kenyans with diverse political affiliations. And in the circumstances we have currently instructed our presiding officers in Nairobi given the real and present danger of such infiltration to subvert the will of Nairobi voters to use our party register until and unless any other advice comes from the Jubilee headquarters,â€? said NEB Chair Musangi.