Mrs Africa Charity Pageant Comes to Kenya


In a Continental move, the Mrs. Africa pageant has widened its embrace to Kenya. Launched in 2006 in South Africa, every titleholder has brought their influence to make the pageant the most outstanding, prestigious and felt on the ground.

The charity pageant has seen women from different countries in Africa showcase their charities and their uniqueness to the world. One of its distinct features is the inclusion of married women as a category.

The vision of the pageant’s founders was to make it prestigious and accessible to married women. It is worthy of note that most pageants only focus on young, single participants. Last year, for the first time; a Kenyan lady contested and bagged two titles.

Lucy Kamiti was crowned Mrs. Africa Kenya 2016 as well as Mrs. Africa International. She will be representing Africa in an international pageant later on in the year. Lucy is also the Fistula Ambassador for Amref.

Lucy Kamiti was crowned Mrs. Africa Kenya 2017 as well as Mrs. Africa International
Lucy Kamiti was crowned Mrs. Africa Kenya 2016 as well as Mrs. Africa International

Africa’s diversity in culture and heritage comes with challenges unique to us. We seek to address these challenges in a bid to ease the burden they present in our communities. African women are more often the face of these challenges.

We understand these issues because we live them. In unity we can work around them and make our every day better. We can give dignity back to our own women, we can ensure our girls stay in school and cross over to womanhood in dignity. We can do so much and more.

Here is your chance to join women making the continent a better place for all. Applications are open for ;

Miss Africa – 18-25 years old

Ms. Africa-26-44 years old (single, divorced)

Mrs. Africa-26-44 years old (married)

Applications deadline is 31st of March 2017. All ladies born in Africa are eligible, even those not living in Africa.

To apply go to