Outrage as kids demonstrate using desks on busy Nairobi road over school demolition


Kenyans expressed outrage as photos of kids using their desks to block a Nairobi road as they protested the demolition of their school surfaced.

The outrage on Twitter was almost unanimous as the photos showed the young kids from Kenyatta Golf Course School blocking a section of Mbagathi road.

The kids who seemed to be as young as six years old blocked the road using wooden desks and plastic chairs.

It was not immediately clear of they had any help from an adult placing the furniture on the scene.

The pupils were protesting an eviction notice served by Kenya Railways that would evict them from their current location inside the Kenyatta PAG church.

According to a teacher at the school, there was a vetting exercise undertaken in 2010 and two numbers were assigned by Kenya Railways as they awaited the new location they would move to.

Since then however, there have been no developments until the pastor of the church receiving a phone call on Friday notifying him that demolition of the place would take place on the following day.

“They did not give any notice, they just called and went ahead to carry out the demolitions. The understanding was that they were supposed to give an alternative location where the school and church was supposed to be relocated,” said the teacher.

When the teachers, parents and pupils arrived on site on Monday morning, they had to salvage some of the school property on site.

Reacting to Kenyans who were outraged by the kids protesting, aspiring Starehe MP Boniface Mwangi lashed out saying that the kids had very right to protest.