[PHOTOS] Meet orphan who represented Kenya in world’s largest dog show in England


He was once an abandoned orphan but now Shadrack Adams was representing Kenya in front of thousands of dog show lovers in the UK.

Shadrack was found abandoned in Mathare Valley and was adopted by Becky Adams who who is the director of the Seeds of his Garden Children’s home. Becky Adams kept dogs at the home.

He joined a group of over 40 youngsters from all over the world at the prestigious Birmingham dog show and was the only African representative.

When he learned that he was going to be in the Crufts 2017 Junior Handling Competition in 2015, he started preparing daily for about two hours learning how to handle various breeds at the home.


He would also read books and watch videos about dog breeding especially on the breeds he had picked.

Though he did not qualify as one of the top ten finalists in the event held on March 9 to March 12, he had a good experience and a great opportunity for the young man. He was judge based on his natural affinity with the dogs.

He was proud to be the first black African to the event. He felt he had an idea as to what happened causing his to lose valuable points.

“I think the dog moved its leg a little and I didn’t move it back in position,” Shadrack says.

Shadrack has been participating in Kenyan local dog shows and his affinity for dogs has all but blossomed.

The next Crufts Junior Handlers Competition will be held on March 8 to March 11, 2018.