Portion of Mtongwe ferry bridge re-launched by Uhuru swept away



Heavy currents in Mombasa swept away a pontoon at the recently re-launched Mtongwe ferry services interrupting service causing heavy delays.

The interruption of the ferry services which were controversially re-launched by President Kenyatta last month has forced commuters to be ferried to Likoni channel instead of Mtongwe-Docks on the Island.

The pontoon at the Island side was swept away at around midnight on Tuesday. It was dilapidated due to age as the ferry services are 30 years old.

The incident caused long lines as commuters waited for alternative services to cross to the island.

Kenya Ferry Services Managing Director Bakari Gowa said that heavy water overwhelmed the pillars holding the pontoon leading to its breakaway.

“We have decided to cross the passengers using the Likoni channel as we work to return the pontoon which was recovered metres away from its original position after it was swept away. We cannot halt the services because people are already used to them,” he said.

The re-launch of the services in March 2017 saw drama ensue as Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho was blocked by the elite Presidential Guard from attending the ceremony

In a heated moment President Kenyatta asked Mr Joho to concentrate on his work as the governor and stop following him around as “he was not his wife.”

The President also warned that he would teach a lesson saying “nitamnyorosha”.

“I do not know what kuninyorosha means,” Joho responded after the warning. “But if telling anyone the truth for the sake of my people amounts to abusing the Presidency then I have no apology to make.”