[PHOTOS] A sandstorm in Marsabit, Kenya captured as it “swallows” a truck

A sandstorm in Marsabit, Kenya, Photo credit Kimani Kim

A Kenyan recently captured photos of a sandstorm in Marsabit, Kenya was and for those who have never witnessed a sand storm, it is a sight to behold.

One such phenomena was captured in Diid Galgalo desert in Marsabit and it was a giant storm. The sandstorms are common occurrences in arid and semi-arid areas.

To put the enormity of the system in perspective, the sandstorm was captured moments before it “swallowed” a truck.


It is reported that these sand storms are not rare in Marsabit and residents have reportedly seen several of these.

They say it is a sign of the rains in the forecast which will end a long drought.

The dust storms are said to arise when strong winds blow loose sand and dirt from a dry surface. The dust particles are then transported by saltation and suspension and are deposited in a different location.

The photos were captured by Kimani Kim.

A truck is in the part of the sandstorm in Marsabit, Kenya. Photo Credit: Kimani Kim
The sandstorm barrel through as it “swallows” the truck Photo Credit: Kimani Kim
The desert sandstorm continues to make its way through the Diid Galgalo desert Photo Credit: Kimani Kim

The sandstorms are stunning in themselves are there are several that have been reported in the world.

Here are photos of some taken from various countries.

The sandstorm descended on a small village in central China. Photo Credit: China Foto Press
The 2,000 foot tall sandstorm cloud covers the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Credit Andrew Pielage
Sandstorm in Ramadi Iraq