He saw Sh200,000 fall from a bag in Nairobi. What he did next will warm your heart


By Jambonewspot.com reporter

A Kenyan took to social media to express his/her gratitude for a stranger who saved them the loss of Ksh200,000.

The unidentified person who posted the message on the Facebook group “Buyer Beware” said that they were heading to the bank to make their daily deposits of cash proceeds from their business.

The person says that on this particular day while at the office at around 4pm, as always, he/she picked up a bag and placed around Sh700,000. The stashes however took more space than normal as there were a huge number of Sh200 and Sh500 notes. The money was then arranged in bundles of Sh100,000 each.

As the person was walking along Kimathi Street, two of the bundles fell from the bag as the zipper caved in from the unusually large bundles. A cool Sh200,000 felt onto the streets.

He/she continued walking and proceeded to cross the road from Kimathi Street headed to Kenyatta avenue. At the same time, a young man who looked disheveled and in soiled clothes came running after him/her.

He/she ignored the young man assuming it was one of the street boys begging for money. The young man was however not giving up and kept on calling for attention. At this time, the bank’s entrance was in sight and he/she decided to stop and listen to the young man under the security of the guards stationed outside the bank.
He/she stopped to listen to what the young man had to say.

The young man pulled out the two stacks of Sh100,000 each stretching them towards the owner.

“Uliangusha pesa huko nyuma,” the young man blurted out.

The owner checked on their bag and lo and behold! The zipper was open and two bundles were missing.

He/she did not have any words for this young man.

“I was completely shocked,” they wrote.

When the young man was asked why he did not just take off with the money, he did not mince his words.

“Inaeza kuwa ni pesa ya school fees ama mtu ako mgonjwa mahali sasa siwezi chukua,” he said. “Weka pesa kwa bank kwanza ndio tuongee, unaweza poteza tena”
The person with the bag proceeded to the bank teller and made their deposit. There was no single note missing.

He/she went to talk to the young man who had been left outside.

He was nowhere to be seen!

The only thing left behind was a photo of him taken by the security guards. The young man was only identified as Don.

Well…as Christina Shusho sings…”tenda meme nenda zako wee”-Don played his part and took off. I am sure he will be rewarded somehow.

After the story was posted in the Facebook group, many identified him as Vinny who has been operating around Imenti house. A friend of his who has not been in touch with him for a while believe he got into drugs and faded away.

He is said to hold a Bachelor of Business in Information Technology from St Paul’s University in Limuru

Lesson of the day….Never judge a book by its cover.