[VIDEO] Kuwaiti woman stood by and filmed as Ethiopian maid attempted suicide


A Kuwaiti woman has been arrested for standing by and filming her Ethiopian maid fall down seven stories in an attempted suicide bid.

The woman filmed the attempt in which the maid survived and posted it on social media, al-Seyassah newspaper reported.

In the 12 second video, the maid is seen hanging on to the edge of a balcony with one hand grasping a metal frame. In what seems like a last minute change of mind, the maid begs for help but the woman continues filming.

The woman is heard saying to the maid: “Oh, crazy, come back.”

In the clip, the maid starts screaming “hold me, hold me” before her hand is seen slipping moments a split second later.

As the fall happened, the employer continued filming showing no emotions.

The maid was rescued by paramedics and taken to hospital. She was bleeding from the  nose and ear and had a broken, the newspaper said.

It was not clear why the maid attempted suicide.