Shortage of beds looms large as middle class and elite Kenyans in Nairobi hit with Cholera

MP Shah hospital was also hit by shortage of beds following the Cholera outbreak in Nairobi

Nairobi private hospitals have been hit with a shortage of beds as the high and mighty contract Cholera which had been largely seen as an outdated disease.

In this strange twist which only seemed to affect the poor, there are no available hospital beds as those affected scramble for treatments in private hospitals in the city.

The outbreak seems to have hit an unlikely target in Kenya- the middle class and elite which has been seen as surprising.

A photo journalist with Capital FM was reported to have been turned away from the MP Shah hospital where she had gone after exhibiting signs of cholera.

The hospital said they did not have any space at the hospital and sent her back home.

The journalist’s symptoms got worse and she went to visit other private hospitals and was told there were no beds available. The other hospitals included Aga Khan Hospital, Avenue Hospital, Mater Hospital and Nairobi West.

Various other people were in a similar situation after the outbreak which was reported at the KICC during a trade fair.

Last week, two Cabinet Secretaries, a Principal Secretary and hundreds of delegates in the country’s business circle were hit by cholera-like symptoms.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero said that 336 people were already being treated for the symptoms.

The outbreak comes barely a month after another outbreak was reported at Weston Hotel in Nairobi where more than 40 delegates were reported to have been affected


The Kenyan Government expressed disappointment at the slow response to the outbreak in the city.

The Director of Medical Services at the Health Ministry Dr Jackson Kioko said he that it was shameful for a city to suffer from a disease so outdated such as cholera.

Following the incident, Kidero has put a ban on all unlicensed water tankers distributing water in Nairobi








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