Twitter reacts to Governor William Kabogo’s brutal loss to Ferdinand Waititu


By ANTONY KARANJA|| [email protected]

When Kiambu county Jubilee nominations results were announced, it was a not a surprise to many. In fact, many expected incumbent Governor William Kabogo to lose.

What many did not expect however is the thumping that he received from the eventual winner Ferdinand Waititu.

Waititu received a whopping 353,604 votes (83.4%) to Kabogo’s 69,916 votes (16.5%). Loosely translated, the results showed that for very five people who voted for Waititu, one voted for Kabogo.

Never mind that this was his home turf.

The battle for votes did not go unnoticed on Twitterville and it was famously dubbed the “Punjab derby” as the two studied at Punjab University in India. Kabogo had taken Waititu to court disputing his credentials.

Soon after the results were announced, it was a zoo in Twitterville. Here are some of the tweets after the results.

Kabogo only had little to say tweeting..”It is well with me.”