Urgent Appeal: Medical Fundraiser Launched for Priscilla Cherop of Kansas

Priscilla Cherop
Priscilla Cherop

For more than 8 years  Priscilla Cherop, a Kansas Metro mother with a teenage son, has been dealing with an aggressive form of cancer she calls “the ugly monster”.

Her nightmare started in May 2010 during a routine wellness checkup. A lump was discovered on her right breast. Doctors performed a total mastectomy in June 2010 at CTCA Tulsa Oklahoma and had her go through almost a year of Chemotherapy in an attempt to save the left breast.

Six years later in 2016 the monster was back.  Another lump was discovered on her left breast. Priscilla went through another total mastectomy at Shawnee Kansas Cancer Centre.

That was not all. In July 2018 she started feeling unwell again. Priscilla was admitted at KU Hospital for a month due to a colon and lung complication. 

That was August through September 2018. The fluid that was collecting in one of her lungs tested positive for cancer cells. She started 4 rounds of Chemotherapy in October 2018. More surgery was ordered to get rid of the source of fluid.

Extra rounds of chemo were scheduled through 2019 to complete the treatment.

As anyone can guess, Priscilla has been out of work for a long time. With each passing month the bills are mounting up: more than $ 300,000 and counting! There are also the daily living expenses. 

It has been tough and stressful. Anyone in this situation would have a right to be mad, angry and upset. Despite all this Priscilla continues to inspire us with her faith and fighting spirit.

She is a strong believer in God’s healing power. She has been trying her best to get well and go back to work. She wants to be the best mother to her teenage son. She is almost there. But she needs your help.

A funds drive has been launched by family and friends to offset the medical bills.

Your contribution will give Priscilla time to put all her energy into fighting cancer and get back on her feet.

No amount is too small and every little bit helps. At the very least, please share this message with your friends, family, coworkers, anyone and everyone that you know. Your help will be truly appreciated. May God bless you.

You can donate though this GoFundMe link


For more info contact;

Regina Gakinya: (913) 319-9712




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